GP(1-3KW) DC Rregulated Power Supply

GP (1KW~3KW) series DC regulated power supply is specially developed for various DC test systems, test benches and laboratories, scientific research units, and production enterprises. It is used to replace batteries for testing of electric tools, motors, automotive electronics, LED, system power supply and other fields. It has the characteristics of good output performance, small size, light weight, convenient operation and reliable operation. It is an advanced multi-purpose DC power supply.



1. The DC regulated power supply is small in size and light in weight. It can be installed in a 19-inch 2U standard rack with a depth of only 380mm;
2. Models below 1.5KW support convenient portable structure, which is easy to use;
3. Complete protection functions: module failure, over temperature, output overvoltage, output undervoltage, output overcurrent, overcompensation and reverse connection protection of compensation terminals;
4. Support boot state configuration, boot can be configured as automatic start output, manual start output, to meet more applications;
5. Built-in programmable function, support user-defined waveform output; support WOCEN POWER CONTROL upper computer monitoring software, provide rich programmable testing and real-time data recording and other functions;
6. High-frequency soft switch control technology, with the characteristics of electrical isolation of input and output, high efficiency of the whole machine, fast dynamic response, etc.
7. Multi-stage differential mode and common mode output filter design, combined with multi-loop control technology, the output ripple is purer and the output accuracy is higher
8. Support a variety of remote control, standard RS485, CAN, LAN port, standard MODBUS-RTU, MODBUS-TCP, CAN2.0B protocol, optional USB, analog control.