Knob-style AC Power Source

HY9 series ac power source uses pure hardware control circuit to avoid power failure caused by CPU failure. The knob can be adjusted on the panel to quickly set the voltage and frequency parameters. This series is designed with IGBT module and adopts the technologies such as digital frequency division, D/A conversion, instantaneous value feedback, sinusoidal pulse width modulation and others. And has the characteristics of strong load adaptability, good output waveform, easy operation, small size and light weight. Meanwhile, it has protection functions such as short circuit, over current, overload, and overheating to ensure the reliable operation of the power supply.



1. The precise ten-turn potentiometer can quickly set the voltage and frequency, which is convenient to adjust and continuously adjustable without skipping.
2. The pure hardware control circuit with no CPU fundamentally avoid power downtime caused by CPU failure.
3. One-key cutover of the voltage range is convenient and fast, which can be applied to a variety of operating conditions and is convenient for users to make flexible choices according to actual requirements.
4. Ultra-high precision load regulation rate.
5. Ultra-high precision frequency stability rate.
6. Fast dynamic response speed and the output response time is less than 2ms.
7. Output over-voltage, over-current, overload, over-temperature functions and short-circuit protection and sound and light alarm.