Push-button AC Power Source

HY8 series ac power source uses the microprocessor as the core, and it uses the key panel which can set voltage and frequency in advance. This series is manufactured with advanced SPWM method and designed with IGBT module. It adopts the following technologies such as digital frequency division, D/A conversion, instantaneous value feedback, sinusoidal pulse width modulation and others. And has the characteristics of strong load adaptability, good output waveform, easy operation, small size and light weight. Meanwhile, it has protection functions such as short circuit, over current, overload, and overheating to ensure the reliable operation of the power supply.



1. Push-button operation can accurately set the voltage/frequency to 0.1V/0.1Hz separately.
2. Three voltage ranges can be preset for a variety of operating/working conditions, which is convenient for users to choose flexibly according to their needs.
3, Three-phase output products has a List programming function, which can set up to 20 groups of output voltage, frequency and running time; and can set up to 9999 cycles to truly achieve remote control functions.
4. Standard soft-start function effectively solves the load problem of overcurrent when the electric motor starts, significantly improve the loading capacity.
5, Optional RS232 interface and RS485 interface for remote control, telemetry, data replacement, real-time monitoring and recording of electrical characteristics of the load.
6, Output over-voltage, over-current, overload, over-temperature functions and short-circuit protection and sound and light alarm.