Bidirectional Programmable DC Test Power Supply

HB series bidirectional programmable DC test power supply has the characteristics of integrated source and load, which can not only provide DC power supply for the load, but also feed back the electric energy to the grid without pollution. It adopts the international standard 3U chassis and provides a power output capacity up to 15KW. At the same time, power supplies of the same type can be connected in parallel to achieve a more powerful output capability. HB series bidirectional programmable DC test power supplies provide powerful programmable test capabilities, embedded with a variety of automotive test standards, which are convenient for users to call quickly. It is especially suitable for early research and development, post-form test, reliability test and production line product factory test in the fields of new energy vehicle motor and its controller, electric vehicle assembly system, battery test, automotive electronics, power supply test and other fields.



1. Integrated source and load: It has the characteristics of DC source and regenerative load at the same time;
2. Two-way flow of energy within the full power range, seamless switching;
3. Wide range constant power output capability, providing a wide output range;
4. The input supports three-phase 380V, 400V, and 480V power grids;
5. Complete protection functions: overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, module failure;
6. Automatically detected voltage compensation terminal;
7. Arbitrary waveform generator, support multi-curve cycle;
8. Master-slave operation function, supporting multiple independent current sharing and parallel connection;
9. Standard RS485, CAN, LAN, standard MODBUS-RTU, CAN2.0B, MODBUS-TCP;
10. Support WOCEN POWER CONTROL PC software;
11. With internal resistance mode, it will support battery simulator functio.