EVWP Series DC Test Power Supply

The EVWP series dc test power supply is specially developed for motor controller and drive motor test in the new energy electric vehicle industry. It is suitable for reliability test and off-line test of electric vehicle motor and its controller, power bearing system of electric vehicle and other products. It has the advantages of fast dynamic response, low output ripple and high efficiency with adopting the technology of soft switch transformation and multistage closed-loop feedback control. The EVWP series has built-in discharge resistance device, which can provide short-term discharge power and effectively absorb feedback shock.



1. It has a multistage filter circuit to reduce harmonic interference to the power grid.
2. Isolated output circuit to ensure safe operation.
3. Full range of output voltage and output current can be adjusted to convenient customers to test.
4. Large touch screen is adopted for the operation interface, which is convenient for operation.

5. With the function of voltage-drop compensation, it can automatically compensate the voltage-drop generated by the load connection line.

6. It has fast response and stable output with the double closed-loop control circuit applied.

7. Full-bridge phase-shifting soft switch technology is adopted; the efficiency of the whole machine is higher than 90%.

8. It has the remote communication interface and uses the MODBUS-RTU communication protocol.
9. Unattended can be achieved when the power supply is running with the complete protection function. 

10. Built-in discharge function can release the motor feedback energy in time to protect the power supply and controller.