Variable Frequency Power Supply

BP6 series variable frequency power supply is a cost-effective variable frequency power supply, which can simulate the voltage/frequency of power grids around the world, and is suitable for production testing of household appliances, electric motors, electric tools and other industries. This variable frequency power supply has the characteristics of ultra-low output voltage distortion, button/knob dual mode control, output current protection value can be set, etc. The power supply is easy to operate and rich in information display. At the same time, remote communication interfaces such as RS232/RS485/Ethernet can be selected to realize real-time monitoring of the operating status of the variable frequency power supply.



1. Button + knob operation, easy to operate.
2. The distortion of the voltage waveform is as low as 1%, and the waveform quality is better.
3. Custom output current protection value, the load is safer.
4. Automatic compensation for line voltage reduction.
5. Key lock to prevent misuse.
6. Small size, saving space.