Shore Power Service Case

We have been serving large domestic enterprises for a long time, such as Chery Automobile, Zhenhua Heavy Industry, Shanghai Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding, Yantai CIMC Raffushes, National Car Quality Supervision And Testing Center,etc.
  • Zhoushan Zhongt
    Zhoushan Zhongtian heavy industry Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
  • Zhoushan Yatai
    Zhoushan Yatai Shipbuilding Co., Ltd
  • Xixiakou Shippi
    Xixiakou Shipping Co., Ltd
  • China Shenfei G
    China Shenfei Group
  • Nantong Zhengti
    Nantong Zhengtian Marine Machinery Co., Ltd
  • Zhoushan Changs
    Zhoushan Changshi Group
  • China Shipping
    China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd