EVWR Series Feedback Type Electronic Load

The EVWR series feedback type electronic load is specially developed for the fuel cell engine test, fuel cell DCDC test, charging pile aging test, etc. The technologies such as four-quadrant PWM rectification, bidirectional BUCK transformation and pure digital control are adopted to the EVWR series. Main features: 100% energy feedback, high accuracy, rapid transient characteristics, high conversion efficiency, low pollution to the power grid, rich communication interfaces and powerful protection functions.



1. Four-quadrant control technology adopted, full power range bi-direction energy flow, high efficiency energy feedback to power grid.
2. Output modes of constant voltage, constant current, constant applied.
3.Fast response speed.
4.High-speed digital control technology, 0.1% output precision.
5.PWM rectifying technology, power factor>0.99, input harmonics<3%, efficiency better than 93%.
6. Automatic line voltage compensation function can automatically compensate line loss.
7. 7'' touch screen for operation and display.
8. The output parameters and protection parameters are programmable and can be used for different types of equipment testing.
9. World-famous brand components used, like Infineon and LEM.

10. Built-in modular design for convenient maintenance.