Touch AC Power Source

BP7 series variable frequency power supply is specially developed for home appliances, electric motors, compressor industry, certification testing institutions and high-end laboratory experiments. It is used to replace traditional voltage regulators and inverters, and to provide efficient, low-cost and accurate testing solutions. The output parameters of BP7 series have high stability and accuracy, and have super high overload capacity and perfect protection function. 

The interior of the product is modularly designed. It has a visual touch screen human-computer interaction interface which is convenient for operating. Meanwhile, it can be equipped with RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet remote communication interface to achieve the real-time monitoring of the running status of the variable frequency power supply.



1. 7-inch true color touch screen, easy to control.
2. The overload capacity can be increased to 3 times, which greatly reduces the power capacity required for motor loads.
3. The voltage waveform distortion can be reduced to 1% while the waveform quality is better.
4. Standard programming function can realize the remote control of variable frequency power supply.
5. Standard soft-start function effectively solves the load problem of overcurrent when the electric motor starts.
6. Standard RS232 interface, optional RS485/Ethernet interface.

7. Using three-level temperature control technology to get lower noise.