Variable Frequency Power Supply

BP5 series variable frequency power supply is a high-performance variable frequency power supply, which is specially used to replace the high-end power supply of imported brands. It can simulate the voltage/frequency of power grids around the world, and is suitable for R&D testing and production testing in industries such as household appliances, electric motors, electric tools, military industry, and aerospace. BP5 series variable frequency power supply has the characteristics of ultra-low output voltage THD%, 3 times overload capacity, List programming function and so on. It has a visual touch screen human-computer interaction interface, which is convenient to operate and rich in information display. At the same time, remote communication interfaces such as RS232/RS485/Ethernet can be selected to realize real-time monitoring of the operating status of the variable frequency power supply.



1. 7-inch true color touch screen, easy to control.
2. The overload capacity can be increased to 3 times, which greatly reduces the power capacity required for motor loads.
3. The voltage waveform distortion can be reduced to 1% while the waveform quality is better.
4. Standard programming function can realize the remote control of variable frequency power supply.
5. Standard soft-start function effectively solves the load problem of overcurrent when the electric motor starts.
6. Standard RS232 interface, optional RS485/Ethernet interface.
7. The speed of the fan is automatically adjusted, and the noise is lower.