high-performance programmable DC Power supply

The MP series programmable dc power supply (hereinafter referred to as MP series power supply) is a high-power DC supply with cleaner look and superior performance. It adopts the international standard 3U case and provides up to 15KW power output capacity. 

The MP series power supply adopts active power factor correction, high frequency waveform correction LLC resonant inverter, multi loop waveform correction, intelligent temperature control air cooling, high-speed CPU programming control multiple protection, multi-protection of software and hardware and other advanced technologies. This series has following advantages such as high-power factor, fast dynamic response, low output ripple, small volume, light weight, low noise, high efficiency, convenient operation, etc. MP series power supply is an advanced multi-purpose dc power supply, and able to work independently in parallel with capacity of up to 150 kw to meet the demand of more tests. 

The MP series power supply has a variety of special functions, multiple detection and protection capabilities, especially suitable for aviation, aerospace, radar, military, universities, research institutes or maintenance institutions.



1. Auto-ranging and wide range output capability. The higher voltage can be obtained by reducing output current or higher output current can be obtained by reducing output voltage to provide more comprehensive power supply test capability.
2. Three-phase input 340~460vac. The power factor is more than 0.99 with the advanced high frequency active power factor correction technology applied.
3. The efficiency is up to 95.5% with the advanced high frequency LLC multi-resonance inverter technology adopted. 
4. Output power range: 0 ~ 5kW, 0 ~ 10kW, 0 ~ 15kw, and can also be extended to 150KW. Output voltage: 0 ~ 80V to 0 ~ 1500V.
5. Output current: 0 ~ 30A to 0 ~ 510A, and can also be extended to 5100a.
6. Complete protection function: over voltage of software/hardware, over temperature, over current, over power and module failure.
7. Automatic conversion of three working modes of constant voltage, constant current and constant power to meet more testing requirements.
8. Waveform generator with multiple waveform editing modes supports multi curve cycle and link, which can provide users with fast and accurate test waveforms.
9. Adjustable range configuration, alarm configuration, knob function configuration, communication configuration, software protection configuration, system information configuration, automatic adjustment of backlight configuration and other powerful function settings.
10. Temperature controlled fan with stepless speed regulation, low power consumption and noise.
11. Support a variety of remote control. RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet / USB / CAN communication control are optional. Analog control is optional.

12. Optional discharge circuit, maximum discharge power up to 5KW.