Shore Power Source

AP series shore power source are specially designed and manufactured for high-frequency, high-humidity, high-corrosion, high-load shock and other harsh usage environments according to customer needs. They are mainly used in port and terminals. The input is 6 ~ 10KV/50HZ or 380V / 50Hz, output is 440V/60Hz. After the ship docked, the shore power source can replace the generator to continue supplying power. Our company can achieve a maximum power of 5000KVA according to the existing technology capabilities.



1. DSP pure digital control, excellent waveform quality and dynamic characteristics.
2. The unique line voltage compensation function can automatically compensate the voltage-drop generated by the load connection line.
3. Modular design & parallel operation of the multiple modules, can realize the hot-state exit of the faulty module and the operation of some modules with lower loads.
4. Personalized customized accessories such as containers, strands, trolleys, etc.